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Frequently Asked Questions

My custom item has been replaced with a peanut butter sandwich item. What does this mean?'

The peanut butter sandwich items are used to indicate to the user that a custom item is missing. It means that the game could either not find the item's file in the case of locally created content, or in the case of published content, the user is no longer subscribed to the item in question.

What is the difference between locally created content and published content?

Locally created content is content the user has created through the "Two Point Hospital" application. It is stored locally on the user's computer in the "Two Point Hospital" folder and is only available on the computer it was made on. These items can be recognised in the "Items" menu via the Editbutton2.jpg icon.

Published content is content that has been published to the steam workshop and therefore it is stored on the steam workshop. Users can subscribe to this content to be used in game. Unlike locally created content it will remain in the user's game until the user unsubscribes from it. Published content can be recognised in the "Items" menu via the Workshopbutton.jpg icon.

Will my custom made content appear on another computer?

Locally created items are not saved to the game's steam cloud and therefore will not be available if the user switches computers. All locally created items will be replaced with the missing item peanut butter sandwich within the game. These will revert back to their original state when the user switches back to their original computer.

If the user is switching computers permanently there are a couple of methods the user can do to retain their locally created content.

Make a back up of the "Localmods" folder to transfer over to the new computer.

The folder can be found here:

Windows: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Two Point Studios\Two Point Hospital

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/com.twopointstudios.twopointhospital

Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Two Point Studios/Two Point Hospital

The user can also Publish their locally made content to the steam workshop so that they can subscribe to it on their new computer. There is a "Hidden" option if the user wishes to not make the item available to the public. Please note that this method will not effect any instances of locally made content already placed within hospitals.

I'm having an issue uploading a picture. What can I do?

It's possible that the workshop feature doesn't support the image that you are attempting to upload. For recommended image sizes and formats please see the Image Recommendations page.

Can I publish Sandbox hospitals with locally created items in them?

Due to locally made items not being saved to the cloud, any locally made items within a sandbox hospital will not be published along with the hospital. If the user is planning to publish a sandbox hospital, we recommend only using items subscribed from the steam workshop within that hospital.

Can I subscribe to my own published items?

Yes, users are more than welcome to subscribe to their own published items. Though this will create two versions of that item within the user's "Items" list. The subscribed version of the item will have the workshop icon Workshopbutton.jpg next to it letting the user differentiate between the two. In addition, the subscribed version of the item can be used in Sandbox hospitals the user wishes to publish.

When creating a bundle, can i cut and paste my item's folder rather than copying and pasting?'

Copying and pasting an item's folder into a bundle folder will create two instances of that item within the "Items" menu. Cutting and pasting the item's folder can be used as an alternative to avoid this. However, in order to cut and paste, users will need to make sure that there are no instances of the item placed within any hospital in game. This is because, once the item folder has been cut and pasted, the original item file will no longer exist. As a result, any instances of that item placed within hospitals will be replaced with temporary placeholder items.

If I've copied and pasted files into my bundle folder, can i delete the bundle folder after it's been published to avoid cluttering my "Items" list?

Users can delete the bundle's folder to avoid cluttering their "Items" list. This will remove the copies from the list, however the user will not be able to add more items to the bundle or edit the bundle through the "Two Point Hospital" application once it has been deleted. Users will still be able to edit the bundle's title and description through the steam workshop page.