Image Recommendations

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Image File Types

Two Point Hospital only supports JPG or PNG file types to be used as images for custom made items.

Please note that Two Point Hospital does not support transparency within images. PNG images will automatically be given a white background when uploaded and placed in a hospital.

Recommended Image Size and Resolution

Recommended Image Sizes
Custom Created Content Height (Pixels) Width (Pixels)
Icon Wall.png Walls 256 256
Icon Floor.png Floors 256 256
Icon Picture Canvas.png Canvases 256 170
Icon Picture Poster.png Posters 156 256
Icon Picture WoodenFrame.png Wooden Frames 256 170
Icon Picture ExpensiveFrame.png Expensive Frames 256 150
Icon Picture SquareFrame.png Square Frames 256 256
Icon Rug Standard.png Standard Rug 256 190
Icon Rug Oval.png Oval Rug 256 174
Icon Rug Circle.png Circle Rug 256 256
Icon Rug Corner.png Corner Rug 256 256
Icon Rug Long.png Long Rug 256 72