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To publish an item to the steam workshop, users will need to select this icon Editbutton.jpg to open the “Update” menu. This icon can be found next to all user generated content in the "Items" menu.


Select the “Publish” button on the “Update” menu. This will bring up the “Share on Steam Workshop” menu.


The Workshop preview image will default to the created items icon image. This can be changed by the user using the Openfilebrowser.png icon or by selecting the picture box.

With the workshop title and workshop description section, the user can decide how their item is described and titled on the steams workshop.


The “Public”, “Friends Only” and “Hidden” options will decide who can see the published item on the steam workshop. The public option will allow anyone to see and subscribe to the content. The friends only option will allow only friends to see and subscribe to the content. The hidden option will allow only the creator to see and subscribe to the content.


Once all options have been selected select the “Create Workshop Item” button to publish the item to the steam workshop.


For details on editing your Workshop content please see the Editing Custom Content page.

Before uploading your content to the Steam Workshop, please ensure it does not contain any offensive content. We will not host content that contains such content.

Please also ensure that you are not using any existing copyrighted work or materials or infringing on any existing trademarks.

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